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Zone3 women Aspire våddragt

2.300,00 DKK

1.900,00 DKK

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Zone3 neopren svømmehandske
+ 200,00 DKK

BEMÆRK: Vi har kun de viste størrelser. Får ikke nyt før til foråret.

The Ladies 2011 Zone3 Aspire wetsuit is one of most stylish looking wetsuits on the market. A mixture of Gold, Graphite and Purple makes for a suit which really looks as good as it feels. Enhanced panel design for a neater cut around the torso and improved cuff & zip design makes for an incredibly comfortable and fast suit through the water. After receiving the highest rating (9/10) in Triathlete World magazine last season we didn’t want to change too much. However, we decided to make the wetsuit even faster through the water by adding a high-tech coating to the outside of the neoprene to make it more aqua-dynamic and also improve the durability.


1. Ultra flexible neoprene around the shoulders and arms to ensure no restrictions or shoulder pain.220 Ed choice


2. Spring loaded shoulder design to generate a faster swim stroke and to conserve energy.


3. Balanced neoprene thickness to give you maximum buoyancy/support without disturbing your stroke.


4. Aqua dynamic coating applied to the neoprene meaning that there is nearly no drag through the water


5. Pro Speed™ arm and leg cuffs which makes the wetsuit come off extremely quickly in transition. No getting stuck rolling around trying to get your suit off!


Last season the Aspire was known as being one of the most ‘natural’ feeling wetsuits to swim in. It offers a high level of comfort and is made from top quality materials to ensure the performance is up there with some of the best suits on the market. It’s also a bit of bargain at this price! The careful mix of buoyancy, superb flexibility, unique design and the fact that it is the fastest suit in transition is the reason why some of the country’s most experienced triathletes are wearing the Aspire this season. Please click this link to see a flash animation which shows the product features in more detail. Note that this animation shows the 2010 suit and may vary slightly from the 2011 suit.

BEMÆRK: efterspørgslen er meget stor så vi anbefaler man bestiller i god tid. Der kan være længere leveringstid.

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